May is "Two is Better than One" Month

Remember, May is "Two is Better than One" month at Lubbock Yoga, and referrals and partners are how you can participate.
You know what your yoga practice means to you and your well-being.  Take this opportunity to share it with those around you.  Tell your family and friends about all of the wonderful physical, mental, and energetic blessings you have experienced, and then invite them to attend class to discover their own benefits.  Each time someone mentions your name when attending their first class, you will each receive $5 off your next Monthly or Monthly Plus pass purchase.  Receive as much as $15 dollars off your next purchase by referring up to three people in the month of May.*
 *Referral discount applies only to new customers attending their first class May 1-31, 2008.  Discount applies only to the purchase of a Monthly or Monthly Plus pass.  Does not apply to drop-in passes, "cash only" classes, workshops, or other special events.

Sometimes yoga is a contact sport. And, it is a lot of fun!  Join us on Saturday, May 17 from 1-2:15pm for a Partner Yoga class.  Sharing the experience of flexibility, balance, and awareness with another is a great way to enhance your own practice and open your heart. The class is appropriate for all-levels of experience, and will include working individually, paired, or grouped with three or more. No "previously-selected yoga buddy" necessary.  The cost is $12 for drop-ins, or is included in the purchase of a Monthly or Monthly Plus pass.

Please welcome Lisa and Selina back as they return to their teaching roles this week.  Selina teaches the following Essentials classes: Monday at 7pm, Wednesday at 5:30pm, and Saturday at 10:30am.  Lisa will begin teaching Thursday at 9am beginning May 8.  Show them your support, and fill up the room.
Interested in how your yoga practice can be a strength-building and endurance-enhancing aerobic workout?  Attend the workshop Meditation in Motion on Saturday, May 31 to learn how your body creates weight resistance for lean muscles, and how your breath leads to heat and vitality for heart health.  Vinyasa I is appropriate for all levels, and Vinyasa II is appropriate for those with substantial Sun Salutation experience.  See or the front desk for more information.

And, something to look forward to: a perennial favorite is returning to the schedule.  Yoga-in-the-Park will take place on Saturday, June 7 at 8:45am.  The cost will be $5 cash, and is subject to the weather.  If you have never taken your practice outside, you are in for a treat!

Stay tuned for more great summer deals and special events.  See you in class.
Stephanie Studler RYT-500, ERYT-200
Professional Yoga Teacher
(806) 771-9539

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