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Ethanol Plant Online In Levelland

A Levelland business has corn coming out of "their ears." It's an ethanol plant, and come Thursday, they'll begin making ethanol for the first time.

The ethanol plant is called The Levelland Hockley County Ethanol Company. And Monday they got their very first shipment of corn to make ethanol. It came in on a 107 car train, stretching more than a mile long.

"That's 430,000 bushels of corn, at 56 pounds in each bushel. You do the math - that's a lot of tons," said Sam Sacco, General Manager of the Plant.

NewsChannel 11 did the math and that equals 24,080,000 pounds of corn. And with shipments like that coming in every week, the plant will make between 110,000 and 113,000 gallons of ethanol every day.

"Conoco Phillips has already announced that they will be offering E-10 and E-85 in this area," Sacco added.

E-10 and E-85 are the automotive fuels made from ethanol. Most cars already on the road can run on E-10, but not the E-85.

So what does all this mean for you? We'll have more tonight on NewsChannel 11 at 10.
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