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Cannabis Has a Positive Effect On Alzheimer's Memory

Much has been written about the potential dangers of cannabis and the health risks associated with the drug, including short-term memory loss.  So it's a little surprising that scientists have found it can have completely the opposite effect on patients with Alzheimer's.

Experiments on mice have shown it can actually improve their memory.  So now, scientists are about to start human trials to see if one of the many compounds in cannabis can delay the onset of memory loss.

Professor Tony Moffat, a cannabis expert, says, "Cannabis as it is normally smoked has mind blowing properties and there are compounds in there which has these hallucinogenic properties.  However, some of the indications for Alzheimer's in a mouse model is just a single compound that's used from cannabis plant material which is extracted and it can stop the memory loss.  Now if you take that single compound and apply it to humans in clinical trials, we could prove for those 400,000 Alzheimer's patients that it could be used for those."

The Alzheimer's Society says there will likely be a lot of people in the early stages of this disease who are willing, even anxious, to be a part of this study. So the society says it will make an announcement when human studies begin and they are ready to take volunteers.

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