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NewsChannel 11 Learns More About Victim of East Lubbock Shooting

NewsChannel 11 is learning more about 40-year-old Joshua Sarate and the moments that lead up to his shooting death.  

Sarate's body was found in the middle of East 36th Street just before midnight on Monday. Sadly, it was the same place where his mother watched first responders work to keep him alive.

Joshua Sarate's mother says he was always by her side. He helped with yard work and cooked when needed.  "He was always saying I'm going to live all the time forever with you. I said no my son you need to move on," Sarate explained.

Instead of helping him move out of her home, Eva is planning her son's funeral.

"My granddaughter and I walked over there and that's when I saw them, the ambulance people, working on my son. They were trying to revive him and, a mother's instinct I guess, I knew that he was dead," said Sarate.

Eva says Joshua and his long-time girlfriend Joanna went to the Town and County a few blocks from her home to get cigarettes just before midnight. "There they saw some friends of hers and they said follow us to our house," Sarate explained. 

Eva says that is when the suspect 19-year-old Ricky Pena approached him in his car. "They saw the car and he came after him. So, I guess he was already looking for him for what, I do not know. So he got off and I don't know what that other young man was doing," Sarate said.

It is unconfirmed what happened next, but it ended on East 36th Street with Joshua shot and bleeding. "I don't have no hate for that young man either, I don't. I just hope he turns his life around before somebody does the same thing he did to my son," Sarate said.

"It's a shock what happened because he didn't deserve that," Sylvia Reyna, Joshua's cousin added.

Serate's funeral service and burial is set for this Saturday here in Lubbock.

Ricky Pena III Turns Himself In to Police
The teen wanted for questioning in a shooting Monday night turned himself in almost 24-hours after the fatal incident.

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