STD Rate In Lubbock High

A national study on the sexually transmitted disease (STD) rate among children and teens was released Tuesday. It mentioned Lubbock. So NewsChannel 11 wanted to know just how big the problem is here the Hub City.

The study cited one in four children, mostly young girls between 10 and 19-years-old have a STD. Here in Lubbock the most widespread STD is Chlamydia. And Doctor Sam Prien at The Texas Tech Health Sciences Center says recent studies done there show the rate of Chlamydia in Lubbock among young girls is 16 percent or one in five.

"Chlamydia is especially a problem for young ladies. In the male partner, they will contract it but there is no symptoms. It's almost like a no-harm now foul. For the female it does not have immediate symptoms but what it does is long term, it will scar their reproductive tract," Prien said.

One reason Dr. Prien cites for the high rate of Chlamydia among girls is puberty occurring earlier. Another reason is an education shortfall. Dr. Prien says children as young as third grade should start receiving age appropriate sexual education.

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