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New Details In Deadly East Lubbock Shooting

Source: Lubbock Sheriff's Dept. Source: Lubbock Sheriff's Dept.

There are new details in a deadly East Lubbock shooting. Less than two hours after calling NewsChannel 11, 19-year-old Ricky Pena III turned himself into police around ten o'clock Tuesday night. Police say Pena is a suspect in the shooting death of 40-year old Joshua Sarate.

Lubbock Police found Sarate lying in the middle of the street in the 500 Block of East 36th just before midnight Monday. He had suffered a gunshot wound. Sarate was taken to University Medical Center where he later died.

Tuesday night, Pena called NewsChannel 11 before he turned himself into police. In that phone call, Pena admitted to NewsChannel 11 that he shot Sarate following an argument over money. Pena says he and his pregnant girlfriend were in the car when they saw Sarate outside a house Monday night. Pena says he confronted him about the $100 Sarate owed him. According to Pena, that is when Sarate started throwing punches through the passenger side window where the girl was sitting. Pena says he feared for his safety, his girlfriend's safety and the safety of their unborn child. Pena says that is when he shot Sarate in self-defense.  

Pena is currently in the Lubbock County Jail. We have learned he was brought there just after 5 a.m. Wednesday and is being held without bond on two unrelated warrants. It is still unconfirmed why or if Pena actually shot Sarate. However, in a 911 call you hear shots may have come from a car.

"9-1-1 what's your emergency?" asked a 911 Operator. The caller replied, "There's been a man shot on our block." This is the 911 call that sent Lubbock Police and EMS to East Lubbock just before midnight Monday.

"Who's been shot?" the 911 Operator asked."I don't know. My sister woke me up and she said she heard a shot and I ran outside and some lady was telling her husband to get up off the street," the caller said.

The man was identified as Joshua Sarate.

"Where's the person that shot him?" the 911 Operator asked. "We don't know. They said it was a drive by. My son woke me up," the caller explained.

Police found him shot and lying in the middle of East 36th Street. His mother Eva received word soon after about her son. Eva says she and her granddaughter walked to the scene, just two blocks from their home.

"It was so hard for me to go out and pick out a coffin for my son," Eva Sarate said. Eva says she learned Wednesday Pena turned himself in from a local newscast. 

"What was worse for me was when they went back and showed his hat laying in the middle of the road," Sarate explained.However, despite the pain Eva says she has is glad Pena turned himself in and now hopes he tells the truth.

"He might say it in a different way and it's hurting to me to hear what he has to say, and if he's not telling the truth I'm hurting for that," Sarate added. At this time, police say they are still gathering details before they present the case to the District Attorney.

Family members have set up a Joshua Sarate memorial fund. Donations can be made at any American State Bank. Sarate's funeral is set for Saturday morning at 10 o'clock at Calvillo Funeral Home here in Lubbock. For Your Cell Phone
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