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Rocky Hill Charged In Wayne's Robbery

Source: Lubbock Co. Sheriff Source: Lubbock Co. Sheriff

The armed robber suspected in a series of hold-ups across the South Plains is behind bars. Monday's robbery at Wayne's Beer and Wine gave investigators the final clue they needed.  That same arrest now moves one of NewsChannel 11's Most Wanted suspects to the captured wall.  Here's how tips and teamwork led to his arrest.

Monday afternoon, a gunman with a mask walked into Wayne's Beer and Wine on the Slaton Highway. The suspect fired two shots, but store workers wrestled with the gunman. They got his weapon, and the suspect fled.

"The description of this individual was put out Monday afternoon after the robbery," Lubbock County Sheriff David Gutierrez said. 

"Based on that information, we were kind of already looking around," Hockley County Sheriff David Kinney said. 

Investigators put folks on the lookout for a pick-up with a chrome grill guard.

"We've had numerous calls on red and black pick-ups," Gutierrez said. 

Sheriff Kinney got a tip the suspect truck might be in Anton. He'd also learned the suspect could have injuries on his face, due to the scuffle with the store employees.

"I went over there and had a look. Sure enough this pick-up was parked there and matched the description to at 't'. I went ahead and made contact, and sure enough the guy had a banged up nose and injury to the side of his face that was all fresh," Kinney said. 

Kinney met with a Texas Ranger and Lubbock County Detective.

"He contacted the Texas rangers, and we we're working closely with the Texas Rangers on the local case," Gutierrez said. 

The Rangers suspected Rocky Alan Hill committed more robberies in Hale, Hockley, and Lamb Counties.

"The Texas Rangers had done a superb job with the other four aggravated robberies. This last aggravated robbery provided some additional information, evidence left behind the scene, the fact that the individuals tangled with him and got a better description," Gutierrez said. 

"Wednesday afternoon, they had contacted us, and advised that they were going to get a warrant, and we set up surveillance and helped them out," Kinney said. 

While Hockley County had Hill under surveillance, he took off. They followed him all the way to down U.S. 84 right outside of Shallowater. That's where Hockley County and other area authorities caught up with him and made the arrest.

"The Rangers took him over to the office; they called me first thing this morning and advised me that the suspect had gave a statement and admitted to five armed robberies, which included the one here in Levelland," Kinney said. 

"We're just glad to have him behind bars. This last aggravated robbery was becoming more violent, more aggressive by discharging several rounds," Gutierrez said. 

This arrest has also identified a mystery suspect on NewsChannel 11's Most Wanted wall.  The unidentified suspect was the second person we put on the wanted wall.

Levelland Police wanted him for an armed robbery at J & J Food Mart. Sheriff Kinney tells us the Texas Rangers have connected Hill to that robbery, so now we're taking down the mystery mug, and replacing with Rocky Alan Hill.

Hill is now on NewsChannel 11's captured wall. It just goes to show how your tips and the great team work our local and state agencies do everyday pays off.  

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