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Spring Breakers Deal With High Gas Prices

Gas prices keep going up, leaving local travelers looking for ways to keep spring break from turning into spring broke. Across the state gas is averaging $3.16 a gallon.  NewsChannel 11 found some stations in Lubbock selling for just a few cents below that Friday, but, with no relief in sight, folks we spoke with are finding different ways to cut costs during spring vacation.

"I actually filled up my car and packed everything last night, and I usually end up paying around $35 and it ended up being around $45," Lindsey Thornburg said.   Getting out of 'dodge' to your spring break destination is costing more than ever.

"The price is going up high, but there's nothing we can do about it right now," Miles Reizada said. 

"It's actually a lot of money; it's probably going to be $50 when I'm done," Johnson Kang said. The high costs are not stopping spring breakers. They're finding different ways to cut the costs.

For Kasey Nichols, that means driving before flying. "My boyfriend drives a pretty gas efficient car, so we're just going to drive to Dallas and then fly out of Dallas because it's cheaper," Nichols said. 

Reizada is keeping the price down by adding more people to his hotel room. "We're having like four or five people in a room now," Reizada said. 

Car pooling is a popular choice among several students. "We're actually caravanning, about ten of us, we're all going to Dallas. I'm the only one riding by myself," Rachel Wade said. 

Kang has another solution, but it's not one we can all do. "I just asked for money from my mom; my mom paid for it. I didn't have to worry about it," Kang said. 

Last month, the national average for a gallon of gas was $2.97. A year ago, it was $2.54.

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