Red Raiders Season Finished at 16-15

The Texas Tech men's basketball team won't be going dancing into the NCAA or NIT tournaments at the end of the 2008 season.  After the 76-72 loss to Oklahoma State in the first round of the Big XII Tournament, Tech had hoped on a bid to the NIT tournament, but were left out.  The Red Raiders finish the season at 16-15.

Here's a list of the Big XII teams that are going to postseason tournaments. In the NCAA Tournament, Oklahoma gets the sixth seed in the East. After beating Texas in the Big XII Championship earlier Sunday Kansas picked up one of the four number one seeds, while Kansas State is an 11 seed in the Midwest.  Texas the a two seed in the South and from the West bracket, Texas A&M and Baylor separated by two places, Aggies a ninth seed, baylor a number 11.

Two Big XII teams going to the NIT Tournament, Nebraska a three seed while Oklahoma State, who finished with one more win than the Red Raiders are a five seed.

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