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Surviving Cancer Twice

Roy Vega was first diagnosed with cancer at 2-years-old, then after years of treatment and remission, a second diagnosis came when he was 11. "It was very hard, we were shocked, we had no idea we thought we were through with cancer, and it snuck back up on us and we went in and told Roy. The doctors went with us and the first question the doctor said was 'Roy we found a tumor' and Roy said 'Am I going to die?' He said 'We're gonna do everything we can to prevent that," said Sabrina Vega, Roy's mom.

That's just what the doctors did, everything they could. But it wasn't just up to medicine and technology, this time Roy needed a bone marrow transplant and a donor. "My little brother was born and was an identical match and that rarely happens. He saved my life," said Roy. "I wanted to save his life, because he was the bestest brother. So I gave him my bone marrow on my back," said Montana, Roy's brother.

So the Vega's say they turned both of their sons over to God and the doctors at UMC. "Its hard you know having both of them going through that process, we didn't know what was going to happen and it was scary. We were really worried about everything cause they told us Roy might not make it this time," says Robert, Roy's father. "It was hard for us because we knew what his little body was going to go through, cause he had to go through a lot of Chemotherapy, surgery, tests, radiation, just a lot," said Sabrina.

But Roy has pulled through just fine. The Vega's believe the surgeries were both successful thanks to the technology and the doctors at UMC. "This hospital can do anything anybody else can do, there's no place in the world that we'd rather be then here in Lubbock with the doctors taking care of our son, cause we trust the doctors," Robert says. "I'm really glad we made the right decision because UMC was great, it was wonderful," adds Sabrina.

Along with great doctors, Roy says the nurses made his stay fun. "I was in the Bone Marrow Unit and we had a luau and the Child Life Specialist went and rented me games for my Playstation and we just had fun. Dr. Icon, Dr. Oblender, Dr. Cruise; they treated me good and they took care of me."

"God really blessed us, he gave us a second chance with Roy and we live every day to the fullest we don't take tomorrow for granted," says Sabrina

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