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Consider This... LP&L Rebates

For the second year in a row, the leaders over at Lubbock Power and Llight will give their customers back $1 million in rebates. Wow!

I'm sure some have dismissed this practice as a marketing stunt or a token of goodwill to keep up appearances, but let's consider what's happened here.

The LP&L board, separate and independent from City Hall, took a business that was headed for disaster and turned it around in just a few years. And now they are taking that success and giving it back to their customers.

And the point is - they didn't have to. They could give that money to the bureaucrats and politicians at City Hall who would use it for whatever projects they deem important. But LP&L leaders have chosen to give it back to the people who paid for it in the first place.  I am pretty sure that LP&L never handed out rebates when it was controlled by City Hall.

So consider this, City Hall could learn a lot from the group of citizens now in charge of LP&L. W.R. Collier and the entire LP&L board should be commended, and furthermore encouraged, to continue their work without pressure and meddling from City Hall.

It is the citizen's electric company, and the citizens should continue to run it and benefit from it - separate from city hall politics and bureaucracy! Because, for the second year in a row, they have million reasons to keep it that way.

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