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Mayor Miller Reacts to Syphilis Outbreak

The Lubbock Health Department continues to contact people who may have been exposed to syphilis, and as they do more people are diagnosed with the sexually transmitted disease. As NewsChannel 11 first told you Monday, the health department issued an alert about a syphilis outbreak in Lubbock County. The department issued the warning after eleven cases were confirmed so far this year. In 2007, there were nine cases of syphilis for the entire year.

During a news conference Tuesday, Lubbock Mayor David Miller said the headlines concerning the STD rates are alarming. He added that Lubbock's numbers of low birth rate babies and unplanned teen pregnancies are beyond the state and national average, something he hopes will change.

"Just over a year ago we formed the Mayor's Family Council.  It is made up of 30 individuals who have been working every month for new solutions, new ideas to reduce the incidences in these three issues: STDs, low birth weight babies and unplanned teen pregnancies," Mayor Miller said.

The Lubbock Health Department says those diagnosed with syphilis have been between 21 and 38-years-old. It is treatable, but requires a specialized injection.  The Lubbock Health Department is offering free tests and treatment.

You can call 775-2933.

They warn that you need to get treated, because if left untreated syphilis can be fatal.

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