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Uncertainty In North Lubbock Homicide Worries Neighbors

Nearly 24 hours after friends found 19-year-old Bradford McIver dead inside his apartment, investigators cleared the scene.  They were called to Indiana Village Apartments around 6:30 p.m. Monday worked through the night to process the scene.

Preliminary autopsy results show McIver died from multiple stab wounds. Investigators released his apartment to a cleaning crew just before 6 p.m. Tuesday. 

Lubbock Police were still talking with neighbors Tuesday evening. By 5 p.m. they had taken the crime tape down, but are still working to figure out what happened at McIver's apartment.  That uncertainty has some neighbors worried.

"His apartment was on the opposite side of my dining room," neighbor Tim Garbett said. 

Garbett didn't really know his neighbor Bradford McIver, but now he's constantly on Garbett's mind.

"It's kind of scary to me personally," Garbett said. 

"We haven't heard from him in about two days; we've been trying to call him and we haven't been able to reach him. I knocked on the door, and he didn't answer and turned the knob, and when I turned the knob I saw him lying in the middle of the floor," a 911 caller told dispatch.

That's part of the 911 call that brought police to Indiana Village Monday evening.

"It appears he's been in there for a short while, at least," Lubbock Police Lieutenant Jon Caspell told NewsChannel 11 Monday. 

Investigators worked well into the night, continuing through Tuesday evening trying to figure out what happened to the South Plains College student.

"It was clear that a struggle had taken place; there was overturned furniture," Caspell said during at Tuesday news conference. 

Police say there were no signs of a break-in or robbery, and McIver's friends say the door was unlocked when they came by.

"If anyone was in that apartment complex any time, probably starting Saturday up until present time, if anyone remembers anything, any type of strange occurrence, strange noises, anything like that, give us a call. It may or may not be pertinent, but it may be," Caspell said. 

Garbett says not knowing has folks who live in the area feeling uneasy.

"I'm not sure if I'm supposed to feel safe around here, being in the same building; until they release more information it hard to know whether more could happen or not," Garbett said. 

Police tell NewsChannel 11 the last time anyone reported seeing McIver was on Saturday. We've also discovered that's the last time he checked his My-Space or Facebook accounts.

Now, Lubbock Police need your help to answer several questions that still remain. If you can help authorities with any information, give Crime Line a call at (806) 741-1000.

Another Unsolved Murder at Indiana Village Apartment Complex
Monday's discovery of a body at Indiana Village is not the first unsolved murder at the apartment complex.

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