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Viewer Response to Consider This on Rising Cost of Animal Shelter

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aside your disdain for animals it is important to realize the better the shelter there are more adoptions-- or have you not looked in to this matter----

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Just build the thing and get it over with.

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You have the same mentality of most of the people who live in Lubbock, that animals are just animals and are disposable.  Lubbock is known for its high euthanasia rate for a town this size.  You have the  mentality that, "oh well they will just be put to sleep, so who cares."  I do.  I would rather my tax money go toward a new animal shelter than other things our wonderful city council has spent our money on.  A new shelter is needed to promote adoption, which you don't even mention, and to provide education programs so that we can reduce the pet overpopulation.  Many towns that have inviting shelters in an accessible part or town have up to a 75% adoption rate.  I think Lubbock has very irresponsible pet owners.  These animals did not ask to be put in the situations they are in.  I agree with a recent editorial in the AJ that these animals should be given a better chance at life.  Many of them can offier unconditional love to  a family.  Of course, ideally, it would be nice if we didn't even have to have a shelter, but as long as we have such irresponsible pet owners this will never happen.

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I love Consider This and always look forward to your thoughts.  I usually agree with you. However, I feel you totally missed it on the animal shelter. Your point about a luxury facality was incorrect. The second option was exactly the same as the first, only more square feet to meet future needs. My wife has done volunteer work at the shelter for over 30 years and this is what I base my facts. Thank you for your time.

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Dear Mr. Jackson,

You really missed the mark on your Consider This regarding the proposed animal shelter for Lubbock.  How many problems is Lubbock facing today because we have stood by and done nothing for or about the homeless, unwanted, and abandoned pets of our city.  You cannot even drive down the street without seeing a stray dog or cat running loose, or worse yet hit and left on the roadway. 

Yes I agree that pet owners need to be more responsible, but when they are not there needs to be a system in place that will be there for the human treatment of these animals.  The answer is simple. A state of the art modern facility that will encourage responsible pet owners to adopt unwanted and abused animals. A facility that instead of being a stinking, rotting, decaying, falling down pit is a place for animals to go to to be cared for until there owners can claim them or until they can find a new home. Or, as a last result and at the very least a place to be treated humanly until they are put down.

The purpose of the facility being purposed is so that Lubbock can become an example of what to do to become a low kill shelter instead of a high kill shelter.  For you to say that Lubbock needs to reward "good pets" with a park where they can run around with no leash is I think turning a blind eye to the very issues that has gotten us in this mess in the first place.  The unwanted animals in the shelter are not bad. They did not ask to be there for a three day countdown to death. They, if given the chance, can be a good dog to take to your idea of a designer park. But in order to get there we have to fix the situation at the shelter. A better equipped modern facility and more staff.

Go spend an afternoon at the shelter. Smell the smell, see the sad faces. Hear the barking. See the prospective adoptee families come in and go right back out because the place is a pit and they assume the animals are sickly and not taken care of. Go and pick out the 40 or 50 a day that will be put down because we as a city will not take responsibility.  Or spend a Saturday morning at PetSmart with an animal that is trying to get a second chance at life through the Humane Society of West Texas.  Maybe then you will realize that we do not need another park. We need an updated facility and WE the voters are ready to pay for it.  Consider That.

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I whole heartedly agree with what you said.  Although it breaks my heart to think of animals being put down, there is no real reason to waste extra tax dollars, when we are in a ressession, to delay the inevitable.

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Mr. Jackson: I usually enjoy your comments, and agree with most. However, you are off base on the Lubbock Animal Shelter new building project! Many, many wonderful pets are adopted each year from the shelter - to loving homes. My Mother, and myself are two examples. Your comments about the animals housed in the shelter was cruel. Thank you.

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I could not agree more!!! Lets spend money on a dog park instead of a multimillion pound where sadly they are either are put to sleep or caged until adoption anyway. If we had a place where we could let the dogs run freely just mabe they would spend less time trying to  "get out" because no matter how big your back yard may be it seems they always want on the otherside. Taking them to a dog park would give them the freedom and satisfaction of roaming.

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Excellent point tonight. I did not know this. Thank you for your insight.

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I am appalled by your statements about the new animal shelter.  Your comments are irresponsible at best and offensive in the least.  It shows a lack of knowledge about the shelter as well as a lack of compassion for God's creatures.

Have you even been to the shelter?  The animals are in pens without any access to the outdoors.  These are the animals up for adoption that can spend up to eight weeks waiting to be adopted.  It is inhumane treatment.   I expect more compassion from a person of faith.

Abraham Lincoln said, "I care not much for a man's religion whose dog and cat are not the better for it".

The new shelter would have more indoor/outdoor runs allowing more animals to go up for adoption, hopefully decreasing the number of animals killed yearly in Lubbock.  It should include adoption rooms providing a quiet, uninterrupted environment so that prospective adoptees could spend time with the animal.  Hopefully it would have an exercise area for the dogs awaiting adoption.  These areas could also be used by volunteers to train the dogs in basic obedience making them more adoptable.  It would also be nice to have a conference room to hold educational seminars.

Your comments have served to exacerbate the problem of unwanted pets in Lubbock.

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As far as the dog park, who will patrol it so that we know only responsible dog owners are allowed?   Who will determine who is a responsible dog owner?  Would it be a like a country club and you have to pay a fee?

 We already have irresponsible pet owners who let their dogs run so they won't have to clean up their back yard.  Do you really think they will clean up the dog park?  Millie Bush Dog Park in Houston was closed for a short time because dogs were getting ill from the excessive fecal matter in the pond.  I have lived in cities where owners drop their dog off and goes grocery shopping.  The dogs begin to fight and there is no owner there to intervene.  Then there are pet people that have no idea how to read a dog's body language and stop the fight before it begins.  How are we to know if the dogs are up to date on the vaccinations?

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What are we building luxuary suites with hot tubs and tv for these animals????????? I wouldnt spend 5$ on a shelter for them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dig a big hole and drop them in it.

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I agree that the overall cost of a new animal shelter needs to be watched carefully, but your lack of compassion towards animals was disturbing.  Your comment that the main purpose for an animal shelter is to put animals to sleep shows that the mission of the Lubbock Animal Shelter needs to be reviewed.   They provide an open door policy for lost and found pets, animal adoptions, humane education, cruelty investigations and Animal Services who are also housed there enforce the law regarding animals for the city of Lubbock.  About 1 year ago we were forced to put our beloved pet of 8 years old to sleep and 5 months ago my husband saw a dog on a noon tv show who had just come up for adoption.  We visited the animal shelter and adopted a beautiful 2 year old border collie.  He is a wonderful pet.  I share concern with others in the lack of spaying and neutering.  I think all pets should be spayed or neutered.  But before the "responsible dog owners" are rewarded with a glorified "doggy park"  maybe we all should all go and spend some time in the 40  year old facility.  It is not a place that keeps animals comfortable before they are put down.  It is a overcrowded, outdated facilty and the citizens of Lubbock can go better.

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Wow! This is just crazy. I don't even own a pet and I still feel like somehow this is going to affect me. Why not use that money to fix other things more important than an animal shelter. I can understand needing a newer facility but 5.5 million is crazy. Do they want a shelter the size of the United Spirit Arena or what? Sorry but I don't agree with this decision at all. Thank You for the heads up!

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Dan, I think you should do a consider this segment on moral aptitude in todays society. Many of our problems are due to the decline of people being moral and responsible citizens inside and outside their homes. What ever happend to 'treat others as you want to be treated' or 'doing what is right'. Morality is a choice, and more people need to step up to the plate.

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I am glad that the city council seems to be responding quickly to voter issues, (yes, it is convenient that it is in and election year)...I agree that city council should be more responsive all the time and not just in an election year. Honestly, it is not surprising however, isn't that the way most elected officials respond? All the way up the chain to the President? I think as a society we have to be more proactive ourselves and get out there and do something about the people that are being elected into office. I am very disappointed in our city council and some of the irresponsible decisions it has made over the years that have cost the tax payers of this city and county more than it should, and just think of all that wasted could of gone towards funding projects that continue to increase in costs, like the new animal shelter! As a society we are always being scolded for fiscal irresponsibility, but it is okay for the government whether it is federal, state or city to be fiscally irresponsible, or to spend more than they get?!? I also find it amazing that the upper city officials continue to give themselves raises. (If I wasn't doing my job well, I certainly wouldn't get a raise!) I think that if city officials had to be more accountable for their actions via their own pocketbooks, they may think twice before doing things that cost the city unnecessary monies. As far as the pit bull attacks go, or any dog attacks, I am curious to know if the city has an ordinances restricting the amount of dogs per household or breeds? I saw something on the news the other day about pit bull restrictions in another state, where that particular breed has been limited to 1 pit bull per household. Perhaps we should consider something like this (if we don't already), on top of the charges dog owners face in the event that their dog does attack someone. Something else people should consider if you own a large breed dog, make sure you have a proper fence in place with locking gates (if you don't or cant afford one, then shouldn't have a large breed dog) and be more responsible. After all, we only ‘reap what we sew', and more often than not, its other people that pay the price for our own irresponsibility.

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Your  comments regarding the animal shelter last night were appauling!  We have needed a decent shelter in this town for YEARS!  There are cities all over Texas that have extremely nice facilities and they are reflective of the kind of caring individuals that  support all types of human, domestic and wild life that are an essential part of any community.  Lubbock has certainly spent carelessly on many projects in the past, and often without regard for the opinion of its citizens.  The goal of a shelter is to care for and find good homes for  animals and sometimes that does not happen over night.  The animals who are housed at and the employees who work at the Lubbock Shelter deserve to have a clean modern facility.  The shelter we have now is an embarrassment to Lubbock, and your callous attitude is reflective of a mindset that we can do without.

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Reasons for new shelter: 1. Working conditions of current employees; 2. Most dogs KILLED in 3 days b/c no expanded adoption program; 3. LUBBOCK ALREADY VOTED FOR A NEW SHELTER.

Very smug, shallow, "consider this" from this network. If this is the best KCBD can offer us, I'll switch to KMAC, I already do for Goodmorning America  anyway.

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I was extremely disappointed with your commentary about the new animal shelter!!
I have 4 dogs, three that someone else threw away and it is not easy but I love each one of them dearly.  I also pick up dogs with tags and get them back to their owners if possible.  You seemed to think that these dogs at the shelter die anyway so we need to not care as much about a good shelter.  What about the employees and the volunteers who are working under terrible conditions not to mention heartbreaking conditions everyday?  A new state-of-the art shelter will hopefully make it better to adopt an animal.  It is sad that some people in Lubbock throw their animals away to the shelter or just simply dump them.  I hope by taking in 4 dogs and trying to return dogs to their owners whenever possible helps the unwanted animal situation a little more here.  You said they just die anyway. Maybe you should volunteer at the animal shelter before you speak again about not wanting the best shelter possible.  I have a heart for dogs and I sure hope my tax dollars get spent for something like this and I will find a good park for my dogs on my own. While I looked forward to your commentary, I won't bother any more.

Consider This... Rising Cost of Animal Shelter
Have you wondered why the cost of the animal shelter continues to go up? NewsChannel 11 General Manager Dan Jackson shares his thoughts on the issue.

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