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HealthWise at 5 From 6.3

  • Implant Softener

A drug often prescribed for asthma patients is offering relief for some breast implant patients. Researchers say Accolate is effective against Capsular Contracture. That's the breast hardening that can occur after implant augmentation surgery. It happens when scar tissue contracts, squeezing the implant and making it feel firm. Doctors say Accolate works best in women with early-phase hardening and may help them avoid additional surgery.

  • Blood Pressure Position

The next time someone takes your blood pressure, double check your arm position. New findings show that improper positioning could skew your test results. Researchers in the Netherlands checked the blood pressure of 69 patients, with the patients' arms in two different positions. Test scores were always higher when the patients' arms were at stomach level. They received much more accurate readings when their arms were at chest level, closer to the heart. Experts say the difference was enough to make a healthy person seem as though they had high blood pressure.

  • Medical Alert Watch

If you have a medical condition, you've probably been encouraged to wear an alert bracelet or necklace in the event of an emergency, but experts say few people actually follow that advice because they don't like the style. Now, a Kentucky company is out with a more fashionable and functional solution. The medical alert watch comes in three different styles that can be customized to display your medical information right on the faceplate. For more information on the bracelet ( click here).

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