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Search Continues For Dog Involved In Attack of Lubbock Man

Lubbock Animal Control continues to search for the dog that viciously attacked an 89-year-old Lubbock man Wednesday afternoon.

Henry Clark Todd suffered serious injuries to his arm but remains in good condition at Covenant Hospital.

Numerous tips have poured into Animal Control since the attack but the dog remains at large.

If the dog's owners are located, they could face possible jail time. They could also be held responsible for covering Todd's medical expenses, a reason why now might be a good time to see if your dog is covered under your homeowners insurance policy.

"Unfortunately we have not been able to locate the dogs. We have received a lot of calls this morning," says Kevin Overstreet, the Lubbock Animal Services Director.

Animal Control officers continue to search the neighborhood for the dog who viciously attacked 89-year-old Henry Clark Todd in his front yard Wednesday afternoon. Family members say three dogs approached Todd but only one severely injured his arm.

If they are found, officers will begin a new search, this time for the dog's owners.

"We can either have the dogs euthanized or we can have lots of stipulations put on owners," says Overstreet.

Aside from possible criminal charges, the city could ask the dogs owners to take out a substantial insurance policy.

"The city ordinance actually gives me that authority to have the owners of these particular dogs have insurance coverage of up to $250 thousand," says Overstreet.

But one local insurance agent says it is almost impossible to get coverage once a dog has been deemed dangerous.

"We generally have coverage under homeowners insurance, but once a dog has been identified as dangerous it would be very difficult to get a policy to cover that particular animal," says Douglas Sanford, with Sanford Insurance Agency.

In the past year the City of Lubbock has only ordered one family take out a $250,000 policy to cover their dog.

Overstreet's best advice - every owner should make sure their dog is covered under their current insurance policy.

"I would encourage folks to check with their insurance agent to make sure they are covered if they have an animal with aggressive behavior or a tendency to bite people," says Overstreet.

But Overstreet says no amount of insurance can protect you from facing time behind bars should your dog attack another person.

The dog that attacked Todd is black with a white face.

If you see the dog or any other strays in your neighborhood, call Animal Services at (806)775-2057

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