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New Clues In Indiana Village Homicide Investigation

There are new clues in the homicide investigation of a 19-year old South Plains College student. Lubbock Police say the suspect that fatally stabbed Bradford McIver may have received medical attention. Friends found McIver dead inside his Indiana Village Apartment Monday evening. 

Preliminary autopsy results show McIver died from multiple stab wounds sometime over the weekend or on Monday. On Thursday police say the suspect may have been injured during a struggle in McIver's apartment. "We believe that the suspect in this case was injured, was probably cut and has received medical treatment," Lt. Jon Caspell said.

Detectives say something the suspect left behind at this crime scene at the Indiana Village Apartments indicates the victim was not the only one injured. Lt. Caspell says overturned furniture shows signs of a struggle, but there is no evidence of a break-in or robbery.

"Some of the evidence we've collected that we can't comment on further just yet leads us to believe that this person was injured," Caspell explained.  Police will not confirm if the evidence is the suspects' blood, but we do know that investigators identified a possible trail of blood outside the apartment.

"The injuries that the subject sustained most likely did require some type of medical attention. It could have been a minor one, where a family member or a friend may have helped them bandage up a wound. It could have been something where they actually had to go to a clinic or hospital," Lt. Caspell said. Police checked Lubbock hospitals and some local clinics but have turned up no leads. So now, they need your help.

"We really just need that one break, I think. The one name, the one key piece of information or evidence and hopefully we'll get to the bottom of this pretty quick," Caspell added.

McIver was reportedly last seen on Saturday morning. Therefore, the brutal crime must have occurred sometime between Saturday and Monday night when his friends found him. They say the door to his apartment was unlocked.

If you know anything about McIver's murder, you're urged to call crime line. That number as always is 741-1000

This all comes on the day when family and friends gathered in his town of Albany for funeral services.

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