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New Details Released In North Lubbock Homicide

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Lubbock Police believe the person behind a north Lubbock homicide left a trail of evidence.

Funeral services for 19-year-old Bradford McIver were held Thursday in his home town of Albany, Texas.

Friends found the South Plains College student dead inside his apartment at Indiana Village Monday evening.

Police say McIver suffered multiple stab wounds. Now, they say the suspect in this case was also injured, and they're hoping you can help identify the person behind this killing.

The last time anyone saw McIver alive was Saturday morning, and questions about what went on inside his apartment worries neighbors, shocks friends, and have police asking for your help.

Monday morning, apartment #3123 was just like any other at Indiana Village. For those who knew, it was also home to 19-year-old Bradford McIver, but Monday evening that all changed.

"I need EMS over at Indiana Village right now," a caller told the 911 operator Monday.

After not hearing from McIver for a few days, friends went to check on him. They found McIver stabbed to death, and police say his apartment showed obvious signs of a struggle.

"To us it appears to be, pretty clearly, a homicide scene," Lubbock Police Lieutenant Jon Caspell told NewsChannel 11 Monday night. 

Crime tape kept folks away for nearly 24-hours. Police eventually released the scene Tuesday evening.

"We believe there may have been some evidence outside the apartment as well, possible blood trail, some other things that appear to be readily visible outside the apartment," Caspell said Tuesday during a news conference. 

Uncertainty about what happened left neighbors concerned.

"I'm not sure if I'm supposed to feel safe around here, and in the same building," neighbor Tim Garbett told NewsChannel 11 Tuesday evening. 

Friends were in disbelief.

"I just can't believe it. I just can't believe somebody would do that to him," McIver's friend Sarah Cantrell told NewsChannel 11 Wednesday morning.

"Based on the violence at the scene, the nature of what we saw there, some of the evidence that we've collected that we can't comment any further on just yet, leads us to believe that this person was injured," Caspell said. 

Investigators hope new information, released Thursday, can help find the killer.

"It could have been a minor one where a family member or friend may have helped them bandage up a wound; it could be something where they had to go to a clinic or actual hospital; we're just not sure," Caspell said. 

Friends ask the person responsible to just come forward.

"I just think that it's definitely not right and they definitely need to come forward, because I know Bradford wouldn't hurt anybody, and he didn't deserve that," Cantrell said. 

Lubbock Police want folks to remember back to this past weekend. If you remember seeing anyone with an unexplained cut, or our medical staff here in Lubbock, if you remember treating anyone with an unexplained wound or cut, give Crime Line a call at (806) 741-1000.

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