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Easter Eggs From The Sky

5,000 Easter eggs were dropped from a helicopter over McAllister Park Saturday. Event organizers at Experience Life Church were expecting between 500 and a thousand egg hunters. But the turn out they got was far more.

"We had several thousand people come out," said Chris Galanos.

Galanos is the pastor at Experience Life Church and he says they could never have expected a turn out like Saturday's at a unique, first time ever event for Lubbock.

"We decided to host Lubbock's first Easter egg drop. We heard about cities doing this and thought it might be a big draw and it was," Galanos said.

And as the eggs dropped, the mad rush began to be the first, to get the most. But sadly for most, the 5,000 eggs were no match for the thousands of participants. Many children were left eggless. And Galanos says because of that problem, next year they'll be some major changes.

"Good problem to have. Next year we may just need three helicopters and 50,000 eggs rather than one with 5,000," he said.

But eggs falling from the heavens weren't the only draw. The Easter Bunny, free food and inflatable fun houses were also on hand for the kids. But again, next year, expect more.

"Probably more inflatable, more eggs, more everything... More food," Galanos said.

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