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A Possible New Way To Fight Cancer

This could be cancer treatment of the future, no needles and no incisions. It uses rapid heat from radio frequencies to obliterate cancer cells within seconds. Dr. Steven Curley, a cancer researcher is teaming up with the Florida inventor who created this new cancer fighting system.

The inventor, which Dr. Steven Curley is teaming up with is Sanibel John Kanzius who is also a Leukemia patient. Already, six sites have been chosen for human testing including M.D. Andersen Cancer Center in Houston. Dr. Curley says it will still take years of study before the food and drug administration gives the green light for those tests to begin.

"I don't want to provide false hope. You can't take somebody who literally is in their final weeks and treat something like this. You just can't do that." One other problem, money. Dr. Curley estimates it will take eight million dollars before this treatment could be available to patients because they have to test for every possible toxicity.  In the last 18 months, Dr. Curley has been using the treatment on mice and rabbits with seven different types of cancer and he says so far, they have seen no side effects. But again, Dr. Curley says it will take years of study before they know if the equipment fully works.

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