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Stephanie Jones Sentenced To Ten Years In Prison

A woman who kidnapped an infant and left her in 100 degree temperatures will serve 10 years in prison.

Monday morning Stephanie Jones pleaded guilty to kidnapping and abandoning a child. Jones will serve two 10 year prison sentences at the same time.

Jones took baby Priscilla Maldonado from her mother's home in June 2006. The baby was found a day later unharmed.

The prosecution says justice was served Monday morning. However, baby Priscilla's mother tells us for what they have gone through, the sentence is not enough.

"I'm not happy about it," Erica Ysasage said.

 An emotional reaction from baby Priscilla's mother soon after hearing Stephanie Jones admit to kidnapping and abandoning her child.

"She only got ten years. I don't think that's justice. I wish she would have gotten more," Ysasage said.

Jones posed as a nurse at UMC and befriended Ysasage's family. She then went to the family's home and kidnapped baby Priscilla in June of 2006.

A nationwide Amber Alert followed and a day later baby Priscilla was found abandoned under a carport at Lubbock apartment complex. This baby girl is now almost two years old.

"My daughter doesn't have a normal life. She can't go outside, like we go out in public and someone is starting at her. I really don't like people staring at her," Ysasage said.

Jones accepted a plea deal of 10 years in prison for kidnapping and 10 years for abandoning a child.

"We were insistent that she plead to both charges - the abandoning and the kidnapping. Many times a charge would have probably been dismissed but we felt it was extremely important that she plead guilty to both," Jennifer Bassett, Assistant Criminal District Attorney.

"After discussion with the District Attorney's office and Stephanie and the folks that were helping me we decided this was probably the best outcome for all parties involved," Mark Snodgrass, Jones' Defense Attorney said.

If Jones had not made a deal with the state, she could have faced up to 30 years in prison.

"It took away a lot of risk. It took away the possibility of getting a 20 and 10 year running consecutively," Snodgrass added.

It is a sentence, which Ysasage says Jones should have received.

"Twenty or more that's what I would have wanted to see but without parole, because she's allowed to get parole," Ysasage said.

We are told it will be up to a parole board when and if Jones will be eligible for parole.

Monday morning Snodgrass asked that Jones be allowed to visit her son in foster care before starting her sentence. The court agreed. Jones must report to the Lubbock County Jail at 7 a.m. Saturday morning.

Jones' trial has been postponed four times. If no plea agreement had been made, the trial was scheduled to start on Monday.

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