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Some Question If New Shelter Will Solve Lubbock's Animal Problems

Some are questioning if a new shelter will solve Lubbock's animal problems. The Lubbock Board of Health and Animal Shelter Advisory Board heard concerns from citizens Tuesday afternoon.

The two boards met to discuss how Lubbock's animal problems affect health issues in the Hub City. Part of the meeting involved citizen comments. Nearly all who spoke expressed a need for immediate action. But not only in the form of a new animal shelter, but also more animal control policies, tougher pet owner laws and better education.

Melanie Tatum with Hearts and Hooves of Lubbock said, "There needs to be accountability for these irresponsible dog owners."

"These animals need to be controlled. Their horses were attacked and killed. This is a terrible situation for the City of Lubbock," Lubbock resident Susan Radle said.

Before the Animal Shelter Advisory Board and the Lubbock Board of Health, more than half a dozen citizens voiced their concerns about city's animal problems.

Diana Dowd said, "We need to break everything down."

Originally, the boards were to discuss and take action on the proposed changes to the city's animal ordinance, Lubbock Animal Services and the proposed new animal shelter. Instead, citizen comments sparked discussion about the current shelter, policies and the present law.

"Is anyone aware when the decision was made not to have a full time director after the previous director left?" Larry Phillippe, Chairperson of the Lubbock Shelter Advisory Board said.

At issue, are responsible pet ownership and the lack of it in the Hub City. Lubbock Animal Services Director Kevin Overstreet was asked to provide several proposals to help promote better pet ownership. One of them includes a permit to sell litters of pets.

"We got to put some restrictions on the people who are not being responsible. They go out there and sell their puppies and then they continue to expand from there," Overstreet said.

The price tag for a new Lubbock Animal Shelter is also expanding. Last week the city received revised plans for the shelter that would cost almost six million dollars to build.

"If you do all the additional space and all the additional floor treatments, the wall treatments and along term maintenance certainly that's the figure that you possible could come up with," Assistant City Manger of Community Services Scott Snider said

The Animal Shelter Advisory Board is expected to hear Overstreet's proposals at their next meeting in two weeks. The Assistant City Manager for Community Services tells NewsChannel 11 the revised plans for the new animal shelter will also be presented.

Mayor Miller's Statement Concerning Dangerous Dog Situation
In recent days there has been a noticeable increase in Pit Bull attacks in our community. As a result of these vicious attacks, many citizens have contacted the City requesting that Pit Bulls be banned within the City of Lubbock...

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