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NewsChannel 11 Sits Down With the Family of Seagraves Homicide Victim

There are new developments since we first broke the story Tuesday night on NewsChannel 11 at 10 about a brutal homicide in Seagraves.

Wednesday morning the Lubbock County Medical Examiner's Office conducted an autopsy on Robert Glenn Bryant. The 54-year-old was known by most in Seagraves as "Rocky."

Authorities say a co-worker found Bryant on the floor of a fertilizer warehouse at Agriliance just after 7:30 a.m. Tuesday morning. Agriliance is located just outside Seagraves city limits.

A Seminole Police dog was called to the scene to assist in tracking efforts soon after the body was discovered. The Seagraves Police Department and Texas Rangers are assisting the Gaines County Sheriff's Office in this homicide investigation.

Wednesday, NewsChannel 11 went to Seagraves and sat down with Bryant's family to learn more about happened Tuesday morning.

"It was given with a lot of love and accepted with a lot of love," Patricia Graves, Bryant's fiancé said.

Graves wears an engagement ring that will never become a wedding ring. Patricia Graves says she was planning to marry Robert Bryant, better known as Rocky, on her birthday September 12.

"I will always love him. It's just hard knowing that he's not coming home every day," Gaves said.

Bryant and Patricia lived just outside of Seagraves next door to Agriliance, where he worked for more than 25 years.

"One of the guys he worked with came and knocked on the door. They thought he had a heart attack, because he had a bad heart. But it wasn't like that, somebody was waiting on him at his job and they attacked him from behind," Graves added.

Bryant was found in Agriliance's fertilizer warehouse by a co-worker. He had been severally beaten and when his fiancé arrived, he was still alive and screaming.

"He was screaming about his legs were hurting, his back and his neck. He was just suffering real bad. All he said is that someone beat him up and that was it," Graves explained.

Fredrick Bryant, Rocky's son said, "They feel like it was somebody that knew him. He didn't know them. But they knew him for some reason."

 Frederick rushed to University Medical Center in Lubbock from Hobbs, New Mexico.

"By the time we had made it to Lubbock it was too late he had passed away," Bryant said.

"His heart was too weak and when his was in surgery he just didn't pull through," Graves explained.

NewsChannel 11 has learned that evidence found about a quarter mile from the crime scene is now at the Department of Public Safety Crime Lab in Lubbock to be tested. However, Bryant's family is also asking for your help.

"If you knew my dad you would know he'd want these people brought to justice and because he was a good man, good father. If anyone can do anything they can, we wouldd sure appreciate it," Bryant said.

An act of violence still unexplained, that has left a family and a town searching for answers and Patricia holding what is left of her love.

"I've never taken it (her engagement ring) off since I got it and I'm not going to ever take it off," Graves said.

If you know anything about Bryant's death, you are urged to call the Gaines County Crime Line at (432) 758-4025.

A Rocky Bryant fund has been set up at First United Bank. Donations can be made at any area bank location.

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