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The Ped-Egg: Does It Work?

Who says feet and eggs don't go together?  Think of them like peas and carrots.  It is probably why the makers call this product the Ped-Egg. Looks like an egg, but it is a pedicure device that is used for your feet. The Ped-Egg can gently remove callous and dry skin from your feet and it doesn't make a mess doing it.  That is because the egg catches all the dead skin.  For ten bucks, Does It Work?

In order to test the Ped-Egg, I had to find a pair of feet with really bad callous and I did.  Pedicurist Kathi Holmes from Avalon Day Spa is going to use the Ped-egg on a pair of painfully cracked and calloused feet.  The instructions say to use it on dry feet.

"So essentially, this is shaving skin off the heel," NewsChannel 11 asked.  After seven minutes of filing, "I can definitely see a difference," Kathi said.

But here's what you really want to see, or know for you Internet readers.  Just how much did the Peg-Egg scrape off?  Kathi poured out about a Tablespoon of skin dust.  It resembled powder.  We had to be careful not to sneeze because it would have blown all over the place.

Kathi also tried the Ped-Egg on a wet foot to see if that made a difference.  "It feels like it's tearing the skin," she said.  It was tougher to use, but the results were the same and the scrapings were still pretty gross.

In comparison, the foot after treated with the Ped-Egg, was noticeably better.  The heal was much smoother then the rough surface it had been before we treated it.  "It'd be a good product to use in between pedicure visits," said Kathi.  The Ped-Egg works!

We purchased the Ped-Egg at Bed Bath and Beyond for ten dollars.

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