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Lubbock Dog Hero To Owner

One Lubbock dog is giving new meaning to the phrase "man's best friend". The little dogs name is Taquita but if your her friend, you know to call her Baby Girl. And Baby Girl used her love for her owner to save his life.

"She's just a sweet girl," said Tommy Shirey. Tommy owns Baby Girl. "She's just a great friend. She's not just a pet, if anything I'm the pet and she's the owner," Tommy said.

Last weekend Tommy found himself in the middle of a medical emergency. A diabetic, Tommy's sugar spiked and he passed out. Twelve hours later he came to but couldn't move. His legs were paralyzed. "I tried yelling for help but I wasn't loud enough for someone to help me I guess, with my door shut," Tommy said.

So Tommy used the only resource he had to get help, Baby Girl. "I told her, "Baby Girl, I need some help, go get me some help, I'm sick."and she went out the door and went right strait up the stairs next door to me and went up to my neighbor upstairs and barked at her door and when she opened it and saw her she knew something was wrong because my puppy never goes out without a leash," Tommy said.

"I thought that was amazing," said Pete Ecamilla. Pete is the property manager where Tommy and Baby Girl live. "The girl that came down to see Tommy first, she called me and told me that Taquita had went up stairs and got her," said Pete.

"They called EMS and EMS came out and they took me in and I was in ICU for 5 days," added Tommy. The whole time knowing Baby Girl quite literally saved his life.

"Some folks don't even do that for somebody. I mean just a small four legged critter we don't think much of sometimes are the ones that really come through and end up saving your life," said Pete.

"I credit her with saving my life because she went and got me help when I asked her to.  She did what I said," added Tommy.

Tommy says many times Chihuahua's can be mean, but Baby Girl is just the opposite. She is as lovable and playful as any dog lover could hope for.

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