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Lubbock Stock Contractor With An Eye For Champion Bulls

Some of the best bull riders in the country will be in Lubbock next week for the Championship Bull Riding Challenge, and just as it takes a special talent to ride, also the bulls need the right kick. NewChannel 11 has the story of a Lubbock stock contractor with an eye for a champion bull.

"The brown full face is named Chino," Stock Contractor Lyndal Hurst. Next to Chino is Fat Jimmy. "He's named after my brick layer. He always wanted a bull named after him on TV," Hurst said.

Meet two four-year-old prized athletes, who will also go after first place at the Championship Bull Riding Challenge.  Hurst says if a bull is not going to buck, it is not going to buck.  Stock contractor Lyndal Hurst has raised bulls for 15 years. He says it is just like horseracing, it is all in the bloodline.

"Very few bulls make the very top of the buckers. It is all genetics now. We raise bulls that go back five and six generations on the mother's side and on the father's side," Hurst explained.

On this day, Hurst is in search of some rising stars. "Fixing to put a cowboy on him to see how he does," Hurst said. It is called bucking a bull. Hurst says he does it every couple of months, bucking as many as twenty in a day.

Before a real cowboy get's on a bull's back a mechanical bull rider is put on it's back. A two year old bull  will wear it three or four times. Then when the bull turns three, it is time for a real cowboy.

"This is Hud," 16 year old Chandler Bownds said in refrence to the bull he will ride. This is the second time Hud has had a real cowboy on his back. "I'm Lyndals' test pilot," Bownds added.

Bownds rode Hud for about four seconds. However, Hurst says you know a winner not by their kick in the area, but in the gate. "He was jumping and kicking and spinning right here in the shoot, that's right where you want him." Hurst said.

It is a training ground for both rider and bull, which possibly could produce not one but two champions. "I try to ride them for eight seconds. But sometime it happens and sometimes it doesn't.," Bownds said.

Hurst is providing more than a dozen bulls for the challenge, done in conjunction with the ABC Rodeo. Championship Bull Riding gets underway next Sunday at City Bank Coliseum starting at two o'clock

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