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Lubbock Man Thanks Hub City For Help

We introduced you to Doug Settler on Monday. Last weekend, Settler lost his wheelchair along Loop 289. He believes the chair blew out of the back of his friend's pick-up.

After seeing Settler's story on NewsChannel 11, several of you grabbed your phones and offered to help.  Now, Doug Settler wants to say thank you.

"I just want to tell everybody who's been calling, I'm still getting calls today, thank you so, so much. I really appreciate it," Settler said. 

As soon as folks saw his story, Doug Settler's phone started to ring.

"Lots and lots of calls, I couldn't answer them all at once," Settler said.

People offered free wheel chairs, money, and just let Settler know they cared.

"This one man, Ron Welch, he was really nice. He's like, I know how it is, you can't be without a chair. I'll be there in thirty minutes. What's your address," Settler said. 

When Welch arrived, he brought the chair Settler is sitting in today, not expecting anything more than to help.

"He just rushed right up, gave it to me and shook my hand and left, hardly even said anything.  So, I actually had to call him back and actually get his name and thank him," Settler said. 

Settler says the ultra-light sports chair Welch gave him is probably worth around $2,000. It's a gift that allows him to do the everyday tasks that some may take for granted, like putting away the dishes.

"I do just want to thank everybody who called and offered to help," Settler said. 

Even now that Settler can get around home, and to his classes at South Plains College, he still hopes that someone will find the chair he lost.

"As nice as this chair is, my chair was actually built for me, and so it fits me a little bit better. I've made some adjustments to this one, so it fits really well, but I still hope, if anybody finds it, they'll give me a call," Settler said. 

Settler thinks his custom, sports-style wheelchair landed on the Loop between North Quaker and the Slide Road exit sometime around noon on the 22nd. If you find his wheelchair, Settler would really appreciate a call at 831-3590. For Your Cell Phone
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