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Your Neck Tells You If You are Overweight

A necklace that seems too tight, a collar that is hard to button, instead of judging your weight by whether you can button your jeans, Israeli researchers say measure the size of your neck. At Israel's Ben-Gurion University, they weighed and measured nearly a thousand patients and determined their body mass index. They concluded a healthy neck size for a women is less than 13.4 inches, for men, less than 14.6. Any more indicates a weight problem, with obesity being a measurement above 14.37 for women and 15 1/2 for men.

The researchers say the neck theory is not intended as a gold standard for determining obesity, but that it gives doctors a pretty good tool to assessing a patient's fitness level and their risk for high blood pressure, diabetes, and other weight related conditions. The Israeli researchers say the numbers do add up. In their study, they found that people with larger necks did have issues with their weight at least 98% of the time.

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