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Menthol Cigarettes May Be Doing You More Harm

Earlier studies have shown people who smoke menthol cigarettes tend to inhale much deeper. Now new research suggests another hazard for that minty preference.

Menthol gets into the blood stream very quickly and the damage may last longer than regular cigarettes. That is according to researchers at Ohio State University who say when a smoker inhales, the body reacts and tries to fight the chemicals, but their study shows menthol makes it harder for the body to fight back, which means the toxins linger in the lungs longer. Researchers also say that may be why it is harder for menthol smokers to kick the habit than those who smoke regular cigarettes.

OSU researchers say along with breaking the nicotine connection, menthol smokers may need extra help escaping the lure of menthol. The research also found that minorities, especially black women are much more likely to smoke menthol cigarettes. The study was funded by the American Lung Association.

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