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Driveway Patrol Alert System: Does It Work?

What if every time someone pulled on to your property, you were alerted inside your home. There is a product called the Driveway Patrol Wireless Alert System that claims it can do just that.

It is a simple security system that costs $20, that you can install in seconds, no wiring required, motion activated, and weather resistant, but does it work??

We have took the Driveway Patrol out to the country, just west of Lubbock. The box says you can install the device on the mailbox, front door, or on the garage. It is up to you where you want to put the device.

The Driveway Patrol Alert System has works up to a 400 foot range. We did our test on the mailbox. It was easy to set up, just screw in the screw and mount the device on the post.

The chime itself sounds like those stores use when a customer walks in. We took the remote inside the house which was more than 200 feet away from the sensor. When the car drove up, sure enough the patrol alert did it's job. There were three chimes in a row each time the sensor was activated.

Next, we took the device to the back of the house which was at it's maximum range of 400 feet. Again, our test ran smoothly and three chimes sounded off. Not only did it work every time a car drove by, but when someone walks by.

There is no question in my mind, the Driveway Patrol Alert System is a good product. It works!

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