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Condition of Injured Football Player Improves

A former Lubbock High School football star appears to be improving.

Marsaughn Moses is at Covenant Medical Center after suffering a severe spinal injury, during a Hub City Bull's game Saturday evening. His mother says the semi pro game had just started when he was tackled and landed on his head. The 20-year old broke his fifth vertebrae. EMS rushed him to Covenant where he remains. 

Beverly Moses, Marsaughn's mother, tells us when he could not move anything from his neck down when he arrived at the hospital. He underwent three and a half hours of surgery Saturday evening. 

Monday morning family and friends gathered at the hospital received good news Marsaughn moved his arms. It is a baby step toward the hope of one day stepping back on to the football field. 

"Marsaughn loves football. I mean that is his life. He's focused on football. He always told us as a child he was going to play professional football," Moses said.

 However, sometimes our love leads to pain.

"If he'll never be able to play football again he'll have the testimony and he could coach it," Beverly Moses added.

Moses tells us his passion for football took him from Lubbock High School to Oklahoma Panhandle State University.

Former Lubbock High teammate Peter Anomneze says, "He was fast, that's all that matters, that's all you need. Hopefully he recovers from this."

Due to eligibility issues, Marsaughn was sitting out this year. However, Marsaughn's father, Ron Davis says that did not stop his drive to play.

"He actually was at school and he'd come down here to play weekends to play with his team. For the passion of the game," Davis said.

On Saturday Marsaughn was to quarterback the Hub City Bulls for the first time, when they took on the San Angelo Calvary.

"They had called me before I got there and told me that he had gotten into an accident, that he had gotten hurt and he was on the ground," Beverly Moses said. 

He was rushed to Covenant Medical Center, soon followed by family and friends.

"He was alert he was talking and he said mamma I can't move. I said you can't move? He said I can't move," Moses explained.

NewsChannel 11 asked if he would walk again.  Moses said, "They didn't really tell us that. They said it's a 50/50 chance and I know it's up to God and Marsaughn."

His parents say if football is involved then Marsaughn plays to win.

"He ain't ready to give it up, the game, even though he's lying up in there. He ain't ready to give it up," Davis added.

Moses says Marsaughn was expected to have a feeding tube put in, along with another round of x-rays and an MRI.

Meanwhile a relief fund has been set up to help Marsaughn and his rehabilitation effort. You can make a donation at any branch of Wells Fargo Bank. Jobs
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