Rosendo Rodriguez Sentenced to Death

Lubbock Sheriffs Dept.
Lubbock Sheriffs Dept.

Rosendo Rodriguez is headed to death row for the murder of a pregnant Lubbock woman.

It took a Randall County jury less than four hours to decide Rodriguez's fate Tuesday, almost two hours longer than it took to convict him on two counts of capital murder for the death of 29-year-old Summer Baldwin and her unborn child.

Lubbock County District Attorney Matt Powell says the punishment is a win for justice.

"We don't put these in terms of victory or anything else. I've never been a guy that keeps a win-loss record. I tell young lawyers, I don't care what they're doing, how many cases they've gotten a not guilty on, as long as they're doing justice," said Powell.

While Rodriguez remained stoic as the sentence was read, the families of Summer Baldwin and Joanna Rogers both had plenty to say.

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