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LPD Identifies Suspect In McIver Murder

A break Tuesday, in the case of a murdered South Plains College student.  Lubbock Police are looking for 19-year-old Nathan Lee Lemer.  He is charged with capital murder in the death of 19-year-old Bradford McIver. Friends found McIver stabbed to death in his north Lubbock apartment back on March 17th.

Friends found McIver at Indiana Village Apartments on North Indiana.  Questions about what happened inside McIver's apartment have remained unanswered for the past two weeks. Now, Lubbock Police are one step closer to finding those answers.

"A warrant was issued for a charge of capital murder just a few minutes ago," LPD Lieutenant Greg Stevens said. Late Tuesday afternoon, police identified Lemer as the person behind the violent killing of McIver. "Currently, patrol officers, uniformed officers as well as detectives are actively searching for the suspect," Stevens said. 

Investigators don't know where Lemer is staying, but they tell us he does have family in Lubbock, and they believe he's still in the area. "We are asking for the public's help in locating this individual, however, do keep in mind he is considered extremely dangerous and should not be approached," Stevens said. 

Police say Lemer and McIver are acquaintances, but they are not sure how well they knew each other. "There is evidence that does place Mr. Lemer at the scene of the crime and there is also evidence that links him to the homicide, as well as to the victim himself," Stevens said. 

Earlier in their investigation, Lubbock Police told NewsChannel 11 the suspect in this case may have been injured during the attack. "Based on the violence at the scene, the nature of what we saw there, some of the evidence that we've collected that we can't comment any further on just yet, leads us to believe that this person was injured," LPD Lieutenant Jon Caspell told NewsChannel 11 back on March 20th. 

Authorities did not say whether Lemer had been treated for any injuries that they know of. We also asked why the charge is capital murder, as opposed to murder. "There is evidence that suggest that crimes, in addition to the homicide itself occurred, again what some of those are we can't release at this time, but it does qualify for a charge of capital murder," Stevens said. 

We did check into the law and found that a suspect can be charged with capital murder, if they kill someone during a kidnapping, or while committing robbery, burglary, aggravated sexual assault and arson.

Right now, Lubbock Police have not identified what other crime Lemer is accused of. If you do see 19-year-old Nathan Lee Lemer your asked to call Crime Line immediately. That number is 741-1000.

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