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The Biggest Baby Shower in Texas

It's the biggest baby shower in Texas. The brain child of the Texas Tech School of Nursing, it's called the Stork's Nest. A collection site for everything from baby beds to diapers.

For the sixth year in a row, you are asked to please shop for a new baby items and drop them off this Thursday morning to help the many women and teens on the South Plains who can't afford the gadgets, clothes and baby equipment for their newborn baby.

All of the items will be distributed Thursday afternoon, according to a point system that encourages good prenatal care.

TTUHSC-School of Nursing Assistant Professor Linda Brice explains, "They earn points every time they go to the doctor and every time they take training classes. Once the baby is born, they can earn points taking the baby to their well baby check ups and their immunizations. They take these points and trade them in for brand new baby items."

You can drop your items off at the International Cultural Center at 601 Indiana Avenue after 8 a.m. Thursday morning. While you're there, check out some great auction items donated by community businesses. The money that comes from those auction items will be turned over to buy more baby items. The auction will be held at 1 p.m. on Thursday, and that's also when pregnant teens and women can shop for their baby needs according to the points they have earned.

To view the Stork's Nest wish list, click on the link below.

Stork's Nest Wish List
Click here to read the complete wish list of items needed for the Stork's Nest Baby Shower event.

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