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CPS Puts Lutheran Social Services On Placement Suspension

The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services has put a local foster care placement agency on placement suspension.  This means Lutheran Social Services in Lubbock can no longer place any foster kids in homes until the situation is resolved.

And as NewsChannel 11 learned Wednesday the agency has been under administrative review for several months now. Greg Cunningham with CPS told NewsChannel 11 Lutheran Social Services was originally placed on administrative review two months ago because of failure to keep up with certain documentation. Cunningham says this also resulted in some safety issues.

CPS has been working with the agency since then to get Lutheran Social Services back in compliance with the standards CPS requires of all their homes. But Cunningham says CPS was not satisfied with the progress being made by Lutheran Social Services and chose to put them on placement suspension this past week. He says there's a variety of things Lutheran Social Services has been cited for including background checks.

"I think one of the issues cited is there's a regulation for firearms. Well we need is a form there in the file that they've checked with those parents to see if they have firearms and they know how to secure them properly," says Cunningham.

CPS will not remove the 23 children currently in Lutheran Social Services' foster homes here in Lubbock. CPS has determined theses children are not in any danger.  For the time being Lutheran simply cannot place any more foster children in their Lubbock homes.

Lutheran Social Services' Vice President of Public Relations tells NewsChannel 11 they are working aggressively to resolve these issues and believe the suspension will be lifted soon.

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