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The Smart Lidz: Does It Work?

Save that freshly opened can by putting a lid on it.  

The Smart Lidz have a clear and stretchy middle with a hard plastic rim.   The lids are made to vacuum seal any bowl, jar, cup, or can, any size, shape, or material.   You get four lids in your $10 package, but Does It Work?

We caught up with Joseph Ghandour, owner of Its Greek to Me restaurant. We showed him the lids.  "Looks good - if it works," he said. 

The instructions were easy, you just press to vacuum seal. However, you need to make sure the rim of the lid does not touch the lip of the bowl.  It won't seal if it does. The lid also has to be a little bigger so the clear stretchy middle can grab on to the lip of the bowl. 

"Oh my goodness," we were amazed. We even roughed up the bowl but it didn't budge.   

First we tested cheese.  It stayed sealed when Joseph shook it. We tried it on an odd shaped container with dipping sauce and then turned it upside down. It didn't leak out.   

We tried it on a can of tomato sauce.  "Pretty cool," we thought.   

Then we tried it on a square dish holding ranch dressing.  "You wouldn't be scared it could drop?" NewsChannel 11 asked.  "No," Joseph said.    

We tried it on glass.  "You can actually feel the air going out," said Joseph. 

The lid itself is also durable.  In fact, we tried to push a hole in it and it didn't tear.   

Joseph says he likes the product except for one thing.

"You can't use the small one (lid.) It won't fit. Then you use the bigger one, it's bigger than the container, so it would take up too much room in the fridge," he said. 

Aside from that, we think the Smart Lidz are a pretty smart idea.  It works!

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