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Friends Feel Sadness & Relief After McIver Suspect Arrest

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Bradford McIver Bradford McIver

The teenager accused of killing 19-year-old Bradford McIver was locked-up in a Missouri jail Wednesday night.  

Authorities arrested 19-year-old Nathan Lee Lemer just after 10:30 p.m. Tuesday in Salem, Missouri. That's nearly 800 miles away from Lubbock.

McIver's friends found him stabbed to death inside his Indiana Village Apartment in north Lubbock on March 17th. For the past two weeks, they've waited, wondering what happened and who could have done this to their friend. Now, they tell us the story is starting to come together.

"Oh, all the time, we do it all the time. Everyday we'll mention his name and we'll just tell a stupid story like something he did or stuff he'd say. We do it all the time. It keeps us going," friend Sarah Cantrell said. 

For the past two weeks, McIver's friends waited.

"Kind of left wondering when they were ever going to find somebody," Cantrell said. 

They couldn't imagine anyone that would want to hurt, let alone kill the South Plains College student. 

"Heartbreak, pretty much, there are not words to describe. It's one of the worst feelings in the entire world," friend Nicole Diller said. 

"It's still unreal to me that he's gone," Cantrell said.

Tuesday night, Cantrell and Diller learned police identified a suspect in McIver's violent stabbing.

"Fortunately, we were able to develop more information on a Missouri connection, and he was arrested at a private residence in Salem, Missouri," Lubbock Police Captain Greg Stevens said. 

"Relief, it makes me feel safe again, but anger at the same time," Diller said. 

Diller tells us she knew the accused killer, Nathan Lemer, and at one time she even considered him a friend.

"He was actually a friend of ours last year, and I stopped talking to him about a year ago. And I didn't even know he and Bradford were still in contact," Diller said. 

As police continue their investigation, and with a suspect behind bars, friends play the waiting game again, wondering what happened the night their friend was lost.

"It's good, but it's not going to bring Bradford back which is the hard part," Diller said. 

"He's never going to be forgotten," Cantrell said. 

Police tracked Lemer to Missouri, after learning he'd bought a bus ticket to Rolla using an alias.

Authorities hope to extradite Lemer back to Lubbock in the next few days.  In the meantime, investigators say they have not ruled out the possibility of another suspect in this case.

New Details Released In North Lubbock Homicide
Lubbock Police believe the person behind a north Lubbock homicide left a trail of evidence.  Investigators believe the suspect was injured when 19-year-old Bradford McIver was stabbed.

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