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Cell Phones & the Link to Brain Cancer

Cell phones were introduced in the early 80's and, today, they are used by about 180 million Americans. Now, thanks to high speed internet, an old concern is resurfacing and spreading like crazy - concern about cancer risk, especially brain cancer.  

The response from the American Cancer Society is that there is no proven link, so need to worry - yet.

"There have been more than a dozen large studies and they definitively show there is no increased risk with up to ten years of use.  The amount of information on longer term use is still limited and so there is a legitimate uncertainty there. We don't have any information on really long term use that begins in childhood," said Michael Thun, American Cancer Society.

Cell phones transmit the same radiation that is used to cook food in microwave ovens, but at a much, much lower energy level.

Currently, at the Illinois Institute of Technology, they are exposing 3,000 rats and mice to the highest levels of cell phone radiation, 20 hours a day, for 2 years. Then they will examine them for every kind of cancer.

Meanwhile, the experts say there is no evidence of danger, but most agree it's not a bad idea to use an earpiece just to get the antenna away from your head.

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