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TTUHSC Community Medical School

Dr. John Baldwin, the new president of the Texas Tech Health Science Center, brings something new to Lubbock. It's a medical class for the community called Community Medical School, and Thursday on NewsChannel 11 at 5, he described who he'd like to see in that classroom.

"I hope to see high school students, teachers, lay people of every type, and people from assisted living facilities - the whole community. So you could have someone who is 18 sitting next to someone who is 80 and both are there because they want to learn what's new in medicine today. That, to me, will be a great success," said Dr. Baldwin.

Community Medical School is a 4 week medical course beginning April 15. The first topic is "why doctors do what they do during a physical exam." The next focus is on cancer, followed by a class on aging and those "senior moments" and finally, a look at what's new in heart surgery today.

There is a $20 dollar registration fee, but Dr. Baldwin told me they do not want that to discourage people from attending and other arrangements could be made in some cases.

For more information you can call 743-2008 or you can register for the class by clicking here.

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