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Gag Order Lifted In Lubbock vs. A.A.G. Suit

Lubbock Mayor David Miller is planning a news conference for Monday morning to discuss the city's lawsuit against American Administrative Group and it's owner, Ted Parker. Parties on both sides had to keep tight-lipped on this subject until Friday.

Judge Ruben Reyes lifted a court imposed gag order on the case. The city is suing A.A.G., and Parker, claming they overpaid insurance claims. A.A.G. filed a counter-claim, saying the city is in breach of contract.

Friday morning, Judge Reyes lifted the gag order imposed last December. Mayor David Miller says it's important for voters to know facts about this case before May's election, including information about his opponent Tom Martin. Martin was part of the city council that hired A.A.G.

"There are facts and figures that are being thrown around in this community that simply are not correct, and if our citizens need to make a decision in this election in May and early voting, then they need to know the whole truth, the complete truth and that's what we are now able to get out there in front of people in terms of the actual figures, and numbers don't lie. The numbers are the numbers and that's what we plan to present," Mayor Miller said. 

We asked Tom Martin what he thought about Friday's announcement. He says, "it's hard for me to respond right now, because I don't know what Mayor Miller is going to talk about. We'll respond, if necessary, at the appropriate time."

Miller is planning the news conference to address the suit at 10:00 a.m. Monday.

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