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A Special Young Man At The Rodeo

There was a special guest in attendance at the ABC Pro Rodeo Saturday. His name is John Isaac Martinez and he's seven years old. His teacher's describe him as "a character." his dad says he's just like a normal little kid. But the condition he suffers from places limitations on him most people could never understand.

"I like to fish a lot at the beach, and my dad caught a crab. said John Isaac.

John Isaac suffers from a growth deficiency called June Syndrome. June Syndrome stops his ribs from growing. In fact, they haven't grown since he was a baby.

"Every six months we take him to San Antonio for surgery to expand his ribs," his mom Leslie said.

So Saturday at the ABC Pro Rodeo, the AMBUCS had a surprise for little John Isaac. A big, red, brand new AmTryke.

"I'm ready to get my bike," John Isaac said.

"He's a funny guy," said Mindi Bingham, John Issacs gym teacher.

"We ride a bike at school but now he has the opportunity to ride at home and during the summertime when I don't get to see him," Mindi said.

Mindi had a special job Saturday.  "I'm going to help him get on the bike and help him ride around in front of the crowd today," Mindi said.

And not five minutes later, John Isaac was off to the races!

"It just gives them another way to stay fit and be active besides what we make them do at school," Mindi added.

"To me he's like a normal kid. We do everything we can, the best that we can," said John Isaac's dad, Juan.

Believe it or not AmTryke bike cost more than the average tricycle. They're about $600 and the AMBUCS give away about ten of them a year to needy children in Lubbock.

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