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BBB of the South Plains Issues Senior Citizen Alert

There is an alert for senior citizens to be aware of. The Better Business Bureau of the South Plains warns of telemarketer calls from a company called ProntoMeds. According to the BBB, the company has called Lubbock seniors and asked for their personal information.  

Joan Ervin answered the phone to a sales representative last week. She says the man claimed to be from Pronto Medication. Ervin tells us he asked for her banking information in exchange for a card that would provide free medication.

 "He said he was calling from Pronto Medication talking to senior citizens that receive Social Security," Ervin said.

Retired IBM employee Joan Ervin says Pronto Medication representatives went on to ask for her bank account number.

The representative said, "You must give me this information so I can give you an ID number and after I give you the number I will mail you the card," Ervin explained.

"They're basically, in my view, just phishing for information," says Nan Campbell, President/CEO the Better Business Bureau of the South Plains. Campbell says an alert was issued after they received calls about the company.

"We found that a couple of other BBB in other states had put some notices or alerts out a few weeks ago about this company. Apparently they are just kind of sweeping across the United States with their phone calls," Campbell added.

On their website, the company goes by ProntoMeds, which is said to be located in Champlain, New York. 

"Companies have come across the border to do business in the United States and a lot of scams have surfaced from Champlain, New York," Campbell explained.

"Hi Lucie this is Julia Bruck with NewsChannel 11."  NewsChannel 11 contacted ProntoMeds through a number off their web site.

"Is there a manager I can speak with," NewsChannel 11 asked. 

The customer service representative replied no, but said she could assist us.

"I understand you are calling folks here and offering a free medication card," NewsChannel 11 asked. We were told there is a onetime fee for the program of $389 for lifetime coverage, where members receive medication at discount prices.

Ervin claims the ProntoMeds representative said, "It's free, compliments of Social Security. If you are a Social Security recipient you are eligible to receive free medication." 

The BBB recommends that you never give out your personal information over the phone to unfamiliar solicitors.

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