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Possible Harmful Chemicals In Consumer Plastics

Americans consume about eight billion gallons of bottled water ever year, even though studies continue to see if chemicals in the plastic bottles could be harmful. There is no proven danger, just questions about a chemical called Bisphenol A. It is found in trace amounts in all sorts of plastic containers.

A government survey has found that 92 percent of Americans have detectable amounts of Bisphenol A in their bodies. So what's the big deal about that? The chemical can mimic the female hormone estrogen and in large doses in lab animals, it can trigger a wide range of problems.

Dan Tessier, Ph.D. an Oxicologist for the University of Illinois says that, "the effects are primarily reproductive and fertility effects in both male and female organisms."

Dr. Gilbert Ross, Director of American College on Science and Health adds, "The toxic effects on rats were done at levels that are thousands of times higher than we are exposed to in the environment.

Again, there is no proven danger in humans. But, if you are concerned, there is a code on the bottom of containers, a triangle with a number from one to seven. If you see the number 3, 6, or 7 it has the potential to release trace amounts of Bisphenol A. Microwaving, scratching, or washing the container in strong detergent can also make it release Bisphenol A. So, check your bottles just to be safe.

We should know more soon about the effects of Bisphenol A since a large scale government study on plastics is expected to be released soon.

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