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The Podee: Does It Work?

This is called the Podee Baby Bottle. It is basically made to have a straw for a baby bottle. The Podee was made to easily be used anywhere, like in a stroller or in the car. This bottle cost $9, but Does It Work?

Lexis Jones is now three months old. Her compadre is none other than Henley Christy. He is NewsChannel 11's Sports Director Pete Christy's boy who is almost six months old.

Both babies get very fussy when they are hungry. It is almost like they want you to drop everything you are doing to feed them. Most of the time, they get their way. This bottle claims to be the hands-free way to feed a baby.

So, first, I tried the bottle on Lexis. I immediately found out this bottle was no where near a hands-free bottle like the box says. The nipple kept popping out of her mouth and I had to keep using my hands to put the nipple back in.

Pete, of course, was up for the challenge. Instead of this being an I Beat Pete challenge, we wanted to see if Henley would take the nipple. He's more of an advanced sucker. He is three months older than Lexis.

Henley helped us spot a problem. Since he is older, he is more fidgety. He used his hands to rip apart the tube that connects to the bottle that makes this whole contraption work. Plus, the formula was not flowing through the tube. We tried putting the bottle on the floor and from above like an IV. But the formula still was not flowing.

The fine-print on the instructions say to pump the base of the nipple until the liquid comes out. This helped Lexis suck the formula out of the bottle. And Henley couldn't wait to get his mouth around the nipple. But he still had problem keeping the flow constant.

So Does It Work? It's not a bad concept and worked at times, but, it's just not as hands-free as the makers claim.  We bought our Podee bottle at Babies-R-Us.

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