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McCain Addresses West Texas Voters

Senator John McCain addressed West Texas voters Friday afternoon.  He spoke to a crowd at the AeroCare hangar, near Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport.  

McCain says eliminating the country's dependence on foreign oil is key to future success. He also spoke about restoring confidence in government, and his strategy for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  While McCain addressed several issues, he ended his speech saying he knows America's best days are ahead.

"This is my grandson Levi.  He wanted to come.  We took him out of school early because he wanted to come with us," supporter Jeanne Gage said. 

"This maybe one of the most important elections we've had in America in a very long time," Congressman Randy Neugebauer said. 

"I have really liked what I have seen in the development of his campaign and the support that he has grown throughout this country and throughout the state of Texas," State Senator Robert Duncan said. 

"The important thing to me is if he lived in Lubbock, Texas, he'd be one of us.  Our next president, Senator John McCain," Texas Tech University Chancellor Kent Hance said. 

"Guns up - I think," McCain laughed as he began his speech. 

As the presumptive Republican nominee for president, Senator McCain addressed several issues affecting the American public today.

"I'm sorry to tell you that the price of oil, as far as I can tell, is not going to go down any time soon until we eliminate our dependency on it.  As they are proving right here at Texas Tech, wind energy production is a viable option," McCain said. 

"It's great that we're coming back to wind as a source of energy because we've got plenty of it," State Representative Delwin Jones said. 

McCain says it's also time to tighten spending.

"We've got to restore trust and confidence in the American people, that we are careful stewards of their tax dollars," McCain said. 

He also addressed the ongoing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, saying the situation has been mismanaged.

"For too long, this war was mismanaged, and we didn't expand the Army and the Marine Corps, the regular forces, and the Air Force and the Navy enough," McCain said. 

"I also want to tell you, you can be proud to know the Texas Guard and Reserve has performed in the most outstanding, brave, and courageous fashion better than any time in history, and I know you are proud of them.  This is a tough struggle, but it's one we have to win," McCain continued.

"He believes in his cause, cause of America, and a very patriotic man and I appreciate his service to our nation and I believe, I hope, he's conservative enough for Texas and the conservative branch of the Republican party," supporter James Williams said. 

"I want to be President of the United States because I believe that I can inspire another generation to serve causes greater than their own self interest.  I know that America's best days are ahead of us," McCain said. 

A new Associated Press poll shows McCain is now essentially tied with both Democratic candidates Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton. Those results suggest a tight presidential race in November no matter who the nominees are.

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