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How Much Water do You Really Need Each Day?

While working, working out, or just walking around, a lot of folks are now carrying around a bottle of water trying to gulp down the amount of water they need every day. So how much do we need? New studies are changing the thinking on that. We have always been told we need eight glasses of water or at least 64 ounces a day. The guideline now is people need that kind of water if they exercise strenuously of sweat excessively.

"If you drink four glasses of water a day, that's about a thousand milliliters or a liter of water. That should be more than sufficient for most of us in order to allow us to eliminate the waste products we need to remove from our bodies on a daily basis. And that should be plenty," says Dr. D

Dr. David Roth is a kidney specialist at the University of Miami and he says if you like to drink eight or more glasses a day do not stop just because new guidelines are coming. It is still a good habit. Unless you are one of those at risk of water intoxication which means too much water. Those are people with impaired kidney or heart function, or liver disease, or those who take diuretics.

The bottom line, he says, new studies show there is no magic formula for how much water we should all be drinking. In fact, it as such a hot topic right now that the National Academy of Sciences has formed a panel to develop new drinking water guidelines. We'll keep you posted.

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