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HealthWise at 5 From 6.12

  • Visica

There's a new treatment out option for women with benign breast tumors that requires no stitches or general anesthesia. The Visica treatment system allows specialists to eliminate Fibroadenomas right in their office. First, doctors use ultrasound to guide a needle to the tumor. Then, the system freezes the tip of the needle destroying the tumor in the process. Traditional surgery typcially involves a day in the hospital and two to three days of recover but the Visica system only requires local anesthetic and a sterile bandage.

  • Fish Oil Find 

A study by Italian researchers has uncovered yet another heart healthy benefit of fish oil supplements. The study involved more than 11,000 heart patients who ate the same foods, but some took daily fish oil supplements. Others didn't after three months those who took the supplements seemed to have a 41% lower risk of death from any cause. After four months, those same patients showed a siginificantly lower risk of sudden cardiac death and after three and a half years, they were 45% less likely to die from a sudden heart related problem.

  • Toilet Training Tips

It can be a source of frustration, but a few simple suggestions can make toilet training easer for both toddler and parent. Experts at the Baylor College of Medicine say it's best to let your child lead the way and that age two is not always the magical age kids should stop using diapers. Instead, simply watch for signs your child is ready things like staying dry for several hours and telling you when it's time for a new diaper and the Baylor team say don't criticize or punish your child for accidents.

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