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A New Idea for Disposing of Old Drugs

The Santa Clara, CA, Valley Water District found traces of eight foreign substances in county water ways. The District says the stuff was barely measurable, but it is enough to get the city's finest to come to your door and take away your old drugs for free.   

Police officers are driving out to pick up prescription drugs that would normally be flushed down the toilet, not so much to keep drugs out of the wrong hands but in an effort to protect their water supply.

Los Altos Police Chief Tuck Younis, says, "This is for expired medications that people routinely flush down the toilet." The Chief adds that, "It's the lawful, responsible, environmentally safe way to do it. We dispose of it in a  legal manner with the company we contract with."

NewsChannel 11 did some research and learned, from the folks at Caprock Drug, that one good way to dispose of unused drugs is to put the medication in a baggie with water in it, then throw it away. That way the medication is no good because it is so diluted, and  it wont get into the hands of somebody that would abuse it.

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