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Tax Filing Deadline Today; Lubbock Post Offices Open Late

The deadline to file a federal income tax return is just a matter of hours away. It must be filed no later than today.

If that's not possible, taxpayers need to file Form 4868, which provides an automatic six-month extension.

An extension does not keep people from paying the taxes owed by today's deadline. Failure to pay means that interest and possible penalties can pile up, adding to the total amount owed.

A delay in filing a tax return will also delay payments for those qualified for economic stimulus payments. Filing of a return is necessary for those who qualify for the payments, set to begin going out next month.

Two Lubbock Post Offices will stay open til midnight, tonight:

  • Monterey Station - 50th & Gary
  • Sorting Facility - 1515 Crickets Avenue (Avenue G)

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