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Last Minute Tax Return Filing in Lubbock

As of 6 p.m., there is less than six hours to get your taxes filed, if you have not already done so.

The deadline is midnight Tuesday and to help you make that deadline a number of agencies are staying open late. By law, all 2007 taxes or extensions must be filed or post-marked by 11:59 Thursday night. If not, you could face stiff fines.

"If you don't file on time and have a balance due then you get charged for a late file," Lubbock District Manager of H&R Block Jack Mayekawa said. According to Mayekawa, that is about five percent of your total amount due.

If you file an extension that deadline is October 1. Mayekawa also says if you make $3,000 or more you must file a tax return to get your Economic Stimulus Rebate check.

"If you don't file you get nothing. You have to have a 2007 tax return on file," Mayekawa said. "It could range from $300 to $600," Mayekawa said.

If you still need tax assistance the "Coalition of Community Assistance" has volunteers offering low income tax help. It is first come, first served until 8 p.m. Tuesday night at the south entrance of the Lubbock Housing Authority building located at 17th & Crickets Avenue.

If you're planning to mail your return, the post offices at 1515 Crickets Avenue will also be open late, but your envelopes must have correct postage. However, for those who need postage, the Monterey Station at 50th & Gary will be open until midnight.

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